How to use a Ouija Board – Ouija Board Rules, Instructions, Stories and More

Ouija Board instructions:
A minimum of two people are usually present when playing the Ouija board (although it can be played alone), the planchette or pointer should be placed into the center of the Ouija board and all players are required to lay their fingers gently upon the planchette.
Players then take it in turns to ask questions of the Ouija board (taking care that only one person asks a question at any one time), should a successful connection have been established with the ‘other side’ players should receive a response within a few a minutes.
If you are in contact with an entity the planchette should begin to move in response to your question, slowly at first and then with greater speed and accuracy, either answering with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or by spelling out an answer using the numbers or letters upon the Ouija board.
For optimum Ouija board success it is important that all players take the experience seriously, having a participant who is solely there to mock the Ouija board will have a detrimental effect on your chances of establishing a connection with the spirits.

Real Demonic Possession from Ouija Board UN-EDITED VERSION

How to use a Ouija Board - Ouija Board Rules
Learn five of the most important Ouija Board rules you’ll need to know before playing with the Ouija board. Study this Ouija board 'how to' well before playing, it could save your mind, soul or both.
How to use a Ouija Board - How to Destroy a Ouija Board
Learn how to destroy a Ouija board by reading about the most commonly accepted and successful methods of Ouija board disposal, Ouija board protection and prayer.
How to use a Ouija Board - Do Ouija Boards Really Work?
‘Is there life after death?’ has been one of the most important and fiercely debated questions ever asked by mankind. Share your Ouija board stories here and help answer the question once and for all: ‘Do Ouija boards really work?’
How to use a Ouija Board – Ouija Board Instructions
Additional information:
The burning of white candles during a Ouija board session is said to offer protection to the participants by shrouding them in ‘white light’, this prevents harm by evil entities and spirits.
Midnight is generally known as the witching hour and it is said that using a Ouija board around this time increases your chances of establishing a connection with the spirits. Be warned though that 03:00 is referred to as the ‘demon hour’ and using a Ouija board at this time is said to increase your chances of contacting a dangerous entity.
The burning of ‘Sage’ in the practise known as ‘smudging’, essentially creating a smoke bath is said to banish all evil spirits from within an area or associated with a person or item. Smudging is an ancient ritual used by Native Americans and the burning of Sage is used by Shamans to ‘cast out’ negative energies.
Warning! – Always remember that some demons and spirits (especially those contacted via a Ouija board) love to lie. Demons especially are tricksters that love to joke and prank, and may even try to feed you false information in a bid to cause you psychological hurt or in an attempt to sway you into causing hurt to another. Take the answers given with a pinch of salt, write them down and try to analyze them and establish their authenticity at a later date if needed.
Ouija Board Prayer of Protection:
"I invite those spirits who are only for my highest good. Any spirits who come through who are NOT for my highest good are to be absorbed into the white light of protection, harming none."
How to use a Ouija Board – Why are Ouija spirits evil?
The majority of people who have made contact with spirits via a Ouija board find it to be a negative experience, and often an extremely scary one. But why is it that the majority of entities that choose to make their presence known via the Ouija board are ‘bad’ or ‘evil’?
Some claim that the Ouija board reaches into what is known as the ‘Lower Astral Plane’, this is an area that plays home to the dead whom have recently experienced a sudden, violent or traumatic death. Victims of murder and suicide, etc. these spirits are often left confused and angry and are therefore more likely to exhibit violent outbursts themselves.
Quote regarding the entities associated with the Ouija board by ‘Dr. Alberto Gonzalez’, of the Pan American Institute of Health:
"They are vile creatures of the night, they exist. They can possess the bodies of their victims and cause normally gentle, non-violent people to commit outrageous crimes. They can assume other forms some quite ghastly."
Ouija Board Demons
Ouija Board Demons
Ouija Boards and Murder
‘Dorothea Turley’ and her daughter were convicted of murder after her daughter killed her father following a session with the Ouija board. ‘Mattie’ Dorotheas daughter claimed the demons conjured up by her mother forced her to carry out the murder.
Nellie Hurd of Kansas subjected her seventy-seven year old husband to brutal torture after receiving messages from the Ouija board, ultimately though it was he who killed her after forcing a gun from her hand that she had placed to his head.
Controlled by Demons unleashed through her use of the Ouija board ‘Carol Sue Elvaker’ of Minco killed her son-in-law then herded her grandchildren into her car and attempted to kill them all by driving head on into a road sign at speed. After her failure to complete this Carol Sue vaulted a barrier, tore of her clothes and despite having two broken ankles ran off into the forest. She was later caught and charged with first-degree murder.

Demon Attack - Girl Attacked by Demon

DARE YOU PLAY? – Ghost Board Ouija Game

Ghost Boards otherwise known as Ouija boards, spirit boards and talking boards (amongst other things) are a tool through which users attempt to communicate with spirits or ‘the other side’. Ghost boards always contain the same four basic elements:
  • The numbers from 0 to 9
  • The alphabet
  • ‘Yes’ and ‘No’
  • The word ‘Goodbye’
Ghost boards or ‘Ouija’ are without doubt the most notorious of all ‘board’ games, believed by some to be a portal for communication with the afterlife whilst others believe it to be nothing more than a simple piece of wood or card of little purpose. Whatever you personally believe the internet plays host to many interesting and terrifying stories alike based around the experiences of those who have dared to dabble with the ghost board.
The Ouija game: Sold in toy stores world-wide as a board game the ghost board lacks any real similarity to any other, there are no questions to answer (at least not for you to answer), there are no tokens to collect or prizes to win, and no opponents to beat. But as a means of communicating with the dead or with demons, well, mention the ghost board in any group setting and you’d be hard pressed to not illicit at least one story or warning regarding its use. Tales of lost souls, hauntings, suicides, break downs, and possessions are common place, almost everybody knows somebody who has met with foul play at the hands of this notorious game.
It is a game of many names, Ouija board, ghost board, wee-gee, talking board, spirit board, scrying board and oracle (to name a few) and the real truth about its power is known only to those who are brave (or stupid) enough to play it.
And now with the vast growth of computers and the internet it was only ever a matter of time before the ghost board went digital, now easily accessible via the world-web-web the ghost board is available with just a click to anybody seeking to quench their curiosity and attempt to contact the spirits via the power of the online ghost board.
Is the ghost board really nothing more than just a simple parlor game, or could it be something more? Has the devil embraced the world-wide-web and learnt some new tricks? If the spirits of the after-world have the power to contact users through the medium of a wooden board could they not also harness the power of the micro chip in order to relay messages to their chosen from the great beyond?
Could there be a ghost in the machine? Or something worse. Dare you play the online ghost board, converse with demons, and gamble with your sanity and soul both?

How to Get Rid of a Ouija Board - Answered

If you’ve been playing with the Ouija board, and things have started to go terribly wrong. It’s probably about now that you’re beginning to wish that you’d listened to all of those people who warned you not to play. But put that behind you now. You can’t travel back through time. All that you can do now is deal with the problem at hand. As best you can.

How to get rid of a Ouija board

While some will tell you to burn the Ouija board, and others will tell you to simply throw it away. Both of these methods often prove to be ineffective. The true way of ‘getting rid of’, or destroying a Ouija board is a little more complicated than that. After all, you’ve essentially opened a doorway between our world, and the world that lies beyond. And effectively closing that doorway, and destroying the Ouija board, is going to take a little effort on your part.

But it is possible to do.

First we make Holy Water

This is done by first collecting regular water into a vessel (a simple glass will do), and then transforming the water into Holy water.

Place one hand over the vessel of water, covering the opening. And then repeat the following seven times:

"Saint Michael, defend us in battle.protect us against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray and do o Prince of the Heavenly Host  by the Divine Power of God cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.Amen."

 While concentrating on transferring the love of God into the water via your hand.*

* Don’t believe in God? That’s fine. But remember that if you believe in Demon. It’s only logical that God must exist also.

Once you have created your Holy water. It’s on to the next step.

Cut the Ouija board into seven pieces

The number seven can be found over 500 times in the Bible. e.g. Seven days of creation, the seven angels bringing forth the seven last plagues, seven ewe lambs, The Levitcal Priests were told to sprinkle the blood of the sacrifice seven times, Joshua was ordered to march around Jericho seven times, and Namaan was told to wash in the Jordan seven times to be cleansed of leprosy. And so on. The number seven represents the fullness of God’s revelation. 

So what next?
Once you’ve cut the Ouija board into seven pieces. Seven holes must be dug in the Earth. Each in a separate location. And each hole (once containing a segment of the Ouija board) should then be blessed with a few drops of your Holy water. And then each hole may be filled in.

And then forgotten about.

Is that it?

Yes. It’s not the easiest of rituals. But it’s the only way to be sure.


Qeres - How to Kill a Demon

Qeres, is a legendary Egyptian perfume.  Supposedly used during the mummification process, in ancient Egypt.  That is said to be the only true means, through which a mortal can kill an Angel.  

Said to provide the ‘first sweet breathe of the afterlife’, Qeres, if it does genuinely exist, is thought to be a very rare substance indeed.  Held secret by the likes of those involved in the shady ‘Hashilim Project’.  And the occult practising Nazi’s responsible for the attempted extermination of the Jews.  In a bid to wipe out all carriers of the ‘Nephilitic gene’.  A gene passed down through the bloodline of children born of Angel and human pairings.

So, being that Demon, are ‘fallen Angels’, it makes sense that this substance, Qeres.  That is said to be toxic to all carriers of the Nephilitic gene.  i.e. Angel, Demon, and Nephilim (half-human / half-Angel beings). Would (as suggested) also prove fatal to any unwanted Demon brought fourth via the Ouija board.  

However, unfortunately, the recipe, and ingredients, used to create this perfume said to be capable of killing an Angel.  Are either a closely guarded secret, or a recipe lost to the sands of time.

Learn more about Qeres: HERE.  Or discover tools of protection from Demon: HERE.

How to Make a Ouija Board - Dare you Play?

Making a basic Ouija board is actually incredibly simple, however the effects and results of playing with one may not be so. The stories of those who have dared to dabble with this most dangerous game are widespread, and the experiences varied, but few are those who report positive experiences following play, and many are those who tell terrifying tales of strange occurrence's, otherworldly sightings, and worse.
The Ouija board, also known as the 'Spirit Board', 'Witch Board' and 'The Devils Oracle' can be made with no more than a sheet of paper, a pen or pencil, and a shot or wine glass. This simple homemade version of the Ouija board is also often referred to as 'Ask the Glass'.
How to Make a Ouija Board - The Basics
Whilst the Ouija boards that are available for purchase in stores may be beautifully carved or highly ornate, this is mere window dressing, the Ouija board in its most simple form requires nothing more than five basic elements.
(1) Take a piece of blank paper or cardboard, etc. and across the sheet write the letters of the alphabet from A to Z. Whilst the actual positioning of the letters is not important they are usually placed in two rows across the center, the top row listing letters 'A' through to 'M' with the second row the remainder. This just makes it easier to determine between the letters whilst communicating via the Ouija board.
(2) The second basic element required when making a Ouija board are numbers. The numbers from 0 through to 9 need to be written upon your homemade Ouija board, these are traditionally placed just below the alphabet.
(3) 'Yes', if you intend to play the Ouija board then you're most likely going to be asking a lot of questions, by including the word 'Yes' upon your Ouija board you provide whatever entities you are able to contact the mechanism through which to answer your question affirmatively.
(4) 'No', for the same reason as given above, but for when the spirits need to answer in the negative. An answer usually dreaded when the question is asked 'Are you a good spirit?'
(5) 'Goodbye', a word you won't want to forget to include when making your Ouija board. Considered to be the most important part of the Ouija board by many the 'Goodbye' element is essentially the reset button, and the mechanism through which those contacted are banished back to their own plane, at the end of any Ouija board session.
And that's it, well almost, you still need a glass, wine glasses work best due to their fine rim, and it is this glass that acts as your 'Planchette' or 'Pointer'.
How to Make a Ouija Board - The Sun and Moon
Another common element included within most Ouija boards are the 'Sun' and 'Moon'. Similar to the 'Yes' and "No' the sun and moon are traditionally interpreted to mean 'conditions favorable' or 'conditions unfavorable' respectively, the sun offers good omens regarding a questioned situation, whilst the moon suggests a poor chance of success.
Whilst not seen as essential when making a Ouija board, taking the time to include them could add to your overall Ouija board experience, and they take very little time and effort to include, as they're not required to be masterpieces, simple representations will do.
Scrabble Ouija Board
Another way of making a simple homemade Ouija board is by using the letters from the board game 'Scrabble'.  If you happen to have this classic board game stashed away in your closet the scrabble letters make an easy to use tool for constructing a quick and easy to use Ouija board.
How to make a Ouija Board - How to Play the Ouija Board
OK, so you've now made your Ouija board, it's still not to late to turn back and forget about the whole thing, but that time is drawing near.
Should you choose to go ahead and play then there's a few things you're going to need to know, not rules as such, but guidelines left by those who have played before you, and warnings of the potential dangers all who play with the Ouija board face.
Because making your Ouija board is just the start, you buy the ticket, you take the ride.

Online Ouija Board that Really Works - “YOU BELONG TO US NOW!”

“You belong to us now!” is the message one girl claims to have received while playing the online Ouija board, just before the light bulb blew up in her room, plunging her into darkness.  While from the speakers of her PC she could hear a quiet yet menacing voice whispering over and over again “Do not look back!” as she could could feel the breathe of something against her neck, as she sat terrified and alone in the darkness, with eyes clenched tight, until morning came.

So that while logic suggests that online Ouija boards are extremely unlikely to work, and are in fact more likely to be little more than a scary online game.  There are numerous stories out there on the Internet that point towards online Ouija boards holding some (if not all) of the power of their cardboard or wooden counterparts.  Which to some degree, makes a whole lot of sense.

Because Ouija boards can be made as simply as lining up Scrabble tiles or writing letters on a piece of paper, and then using an empty drinking glass as a Planchette.  Meaning that it is not the material from which a Ouija board is made that it is of importance, but is in fact the ‘intention’, ‘focus’, and ‘purpose; of those using the Ouija board, that supply the board with its notorious powers.  

So is there an online Ouija board that really works?

Here are a few more stories to help you make up your mind before deciding whether to play (or not):

* ‘We accidently summoned a demon and we had to banish it with the help of our friends cousin who was fighting it he told us how to banish it but it is following the chick who summoned it.  I talked to a demon that told me to cut my nose off to let me talk to a angel and keep doing 666 which was pretty creepy.’

* ‘My sisters and I played thing game when my oldest sis got a brand new apartment after leaving the nest. The three of us played for about two-hours, lights off and about four candles flickering. When we asked the spirit to prove he was there, my sisters then neon phone lit up and rang! Wanna hear something even crazier??? She didn’t have service yet! The phone wasn’t going to be connected until another four days and worst yet, it was even plugged in!’

* ‘Me and some friends was parting one night and you not supposed to play when you have an unclean system, its easier for possesion, but it started saying bad things to me so i started cursing at it. then it told me i was going to suffer with loss. we asked what it ment and it said i was going to loose someone very close to me. and it may be all just a crazy thing but the next day my mother died in an accident… and it was horibile it was a horrible way to go and I feel it told me it was going to happen.’


Ouija Board Rules: 3AM Devil’s Hour - Should I Play?

It is said that one of the most dangerous times to play with the Ouija board is at or around 3AM, a time that is known to some as the ‘Devil’s hour’ or the ‘Demon hour’.  Many who have dared to play the Ouija board would tell you that any time, can be a dangerous time to play (although not necessarily unrewarding).  But playing with the Ouija board between the time of 3AM and 4AM is said to be particularly hazardous, with regards to the player opening themselves up to a greater risk of Demonic influence.

The Devil’s hour is notorious as a time when increased instances of unusual (and often frightening) paranormal activity is experienced.  And is said to be the time when the boundaries between our world and that which lies beyond are at their most tenuous.  Allowing entities from the other side to cross over.  And potentially attack the player.

Some believe the time of 3AM to have gained its unholy power due to it being a ‘mockery’ of the time that Jesus is said to have died on the cross, at 3PM.  And whether religious or not, 3AM is well known as both a time when sufferers of ‘Sleep Paralysis’ frequently experience bouts or ‘attacks’, of their condition.  And is also a time known well by hospital workers as a time that nocturnal deaths within their facilities are at their highest (although this is believed to be a time when the human immune system is at its weakest).

And in addition, numerous movies said to be based upon ‘real’ stories feature 3AM: the Devil’s hour, as a time when unusual and/or horrifying incidents have been experienced, or acted out.  The devil’s hour features strongly within the movie ‘The Last Exorcism of Emily Rose’, is the time when Butch DeFeo executes his entire family in the ‘Amytivillle Horror’, and is also the time when the strange and disturbing attacks by ‘Aliens’ occur in ‘The Fourth Kind’.

And as such, 3AM: the Devil’s hour, is a time when playing the Ouija board is not recommended.  Except by those who actively seek out the most dangerous of encounters.

Ouija Board Instructions - How to use a Ouija Board

Typically a minimum of two people should be present in order to play the Ouija board successfully, the planchette or pointer should be placed into the center of the Ouija board and all players are required to lay their fingers gently upon the planchette.  Players then take it in turns to ask questions of the Ouija board (taking care that only one person asks a question at any one time).

Should a successful connection have been established with the ‘other side’ players should receive a response within a few a minutes.If you are in contact with an entity the planchette should begin to move in response to your question, slowly at first and then with greater speed and accuracy, either answering with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or by spelling out an answer using the numbers or letters upon the Ouija board.For optimum Ouija board success it is important that all players take the experience seriously, having a participant who is solely there to mock the Ouija board will have a detrimental effect on your chances of establishing a connection with the spirits.

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