Online Ouija Board that Really Works - “YOU BELONG TO US NOW!”

“You belong to us now!” is the message one girl claims to have received while playing the online Ouija board, just before the light bulb blew up in her room, plunging her into darkness.  While from the speakers of her PC she could hear a quiet yet menacing voice whispering over and over again “Do not look back!” as she could could feel the breathe of something against her neck, as she sat terrified and alone in the darkness, with eyes clenched tight, until morning came.

So that while logic suggests that online Ouija boards are extremely unlikely to work, and are in fact more likely to be little more than a scary online game.  There are numerous stories out there on the Internet that point towards online Ouija boards holding some (if not all) of the power of their cardboard or wooden counterparts.  Which to some degree, makes a whole lot of sense.

Because Ouija boards can be made as simply as lining up Scrabble tiles or writing letters on a piece of paper, and then using an empty drinking glass as a Planchette.  Meaning that it is not the material from which a Ouija board is made that it is of importance, but is in fact the ‘intention’, ‘focus’, and ‘purpose; of those using the Ouija board, that supply the board with its notorious powers.  

So is there an online Ouija board that really works?

Here are a few more stories to help you make up your mind before deciding whether to play (or not):

* ‘We accidently summoned a demon and we had to banish it with the help of our friends cousin who was fighting it he told us how to banish it but it is following the chick who summoned it.  I talked to a demon that told me to cut my nose off to let me talk to a angel and keep doing 666 which was pretty creepy.’

* ‘My sisters and I played thing game when my oldest sis got a brand new apartment after leaving the nest. The three of us played for about two-hours, lights off and about four candles flickering. When we asked the spirit to prove he was there, my sisters then neon phone lit up and rang! Wanna hear something even crazier??? She didn’t have service yet! The phone wasn’t going to be connected until another four days and worst yet, it was even plugged in!’

* ‘Me and some friends was parting one night and you not supposed to play when you have an unclean system, its easier for possesion, but it started saying bad things to me so i started cursing at it. then it told me i was going to suffer with loss. we asked what it ment and it said i was going to loose someone very close to me. and it may be all just a crazy thing but the next day my mother died in an accident… and it was horibile it was a horrible way to go and I feel it told me it was going to happen.’



Anonymous said...

I totally believe in Ouija boards! I was using the real thing with my friend, and we talked to a spirit named Tewu who was a 45 year old fortune teller in Africa in the 1800s! She told my friend's fortune!

Anonymous said...

My Friend Was Playing With Me, And The Ghost Mentioned The Name Of Her Family Members. The Ghost Even Told Me My Grandma Was Going To Leave Us, And She Went On Vacation The Next Day To Texas!

Anonymous said...

how do I play one?

Jason Marin said...

I got a Ouija board sometime late last month. The first spirit I talked to kept asking about a girl named Anna. I hate it when anyone alive (or dead) gets obsessive. I then contacted another spirit named Anon who at first seemed nice enough and even told me how he died. He claimed that he was only 11 days old when his father crushed him to death by accidentally sitting on him. Then just a few days ago he began messing with me. Eventually in a fit of rage, he told me the truth. He wasn't killed by his father at 11 days old. He was abandoned by his father at 11 months. Me and him both have an innate hatred for my father, but his rage was greater because according to him, even though I hate my father, I still had one while he didn't. I was so mad I got rid of the Ouija board. I want to buy a new one and hope to get a nicer spirit that won't lie to me.

Anonymous said...

People might now believe me, but last week my Ouija board flew across my bedroom and revealed a message that said that I was next